Monday, September 04, 2006

Big Brother is watching you

Downhill from St Mary's cathedral, Cathedral Street leads into the now trendy suburb of Woolloomooloo. An art gallery there currently exhibits quite powerful half-wood half-steel creations. Working with the reflection in the window, I caught this bioman of sorts watching over the street. I positively love this photo.


John said...

Very interesting composition Nathalie.. well done... the way a shot is lined up is so important, and you've done well here!

By the way, always leave your website address when you leave a comment... you will get visitors from other people clicking it, and it's easier for the person where it was left, to give a reply comment on your own site.

DXBluey said...

cool shots Nathalie.

I've been to Sydney before so it's cool to see Bondi and the like again!

We started DP blogs almost the same day... hope you are enjoying it too.

Marie McC said...

Great catch! That's very eerie!

Nathalie said...

My children always laugh at me because they say I enjoy things that are 'different' and it's bloody true. Walking in an ordinary street on an ordinary errand is nothing worth living for - but THIS is the kind of thing that makes me feel alive and thriving. Can't help it!

StarByte said...

Oh I love this photo too! Nice juxtaposition. I'm enjoying 'traveling' to all the DP blogs.