Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Grey geometry

Grey morning today. No soft pinks at sunrise, no crisp blues, no golden syrup, no harsh blinding sun. Suddenly I realise how much of Sydney's beauty lies with its extraordinary light. Without it and for its grey geometry this could be an (ex) Eastern block city. But I like the composition. Where is this ? Philip Street. The sandstone façade in the right bottom corner is the Museum of Sydney.


Calvin said...

Good catch on this shot.Love the lines and nothing but the architecture.

dutchie said...

I've got to make something like this too! It shows the big city. Any big city.
Nice discussion going on about fair dinkum btw ;)

Sarah said...

I love this photo! It would make a great painting, or even an art quilt. The subtle colors are great.

Felicia said...

Hi from San Diego! Really nice photo, even without the sun. This is my 1st visit to your blog and I've enjoyed Syndney through your eyes!

Ben said...

Excellent composition, cascading buildings and it reminds me a day in Tokyo.

John said...

Nice one Nathalie, grey can be good too.

PS If you get a minute can you do some French translating on 2 comments on my site for me.. that would be much appreciated. ( Today and yesterdays photos)

Anna MR said...

I agree with the previous comments Nathalie, the combination of composition and colour make this a great shot, loved it a lot.

Anonymous said... nice photo!
you catched a very beautiful shot about those grey geometry...:)
Sometimes I wanted to take some photos about those high buildings of my city...But i never catched the beautiful moment as you did!!
well done!!

by the way, John, here is a webpage you can do many translation :

Nathalie said...

John, I've posted the two translations on your website.
Jing, the translations with Babelfish are absolutely hopeless, only good if you want to have the best laugh in your life.
Thanks all for your kind comments.