Saturday, September 30, 2006

Swan Song

Here at the White Horse Inn, Crown Street, Surry Hills, a large red banner hangs: Go Swannies Go. And today at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge the Australian flag was replaced by a red and white one. What's the fuss? This afternoon a thrilling (I was told) match opposed the Sydney Swans (red and white) and the West Coast Eagles (yellow and blue) in the AFL grand final. What's AFL? Australian Football League, an oval ball game played with specifically Aussie rules. Wouldn't have a further clue. Anyway, the Swans lost. By one point. But no time to indulge in sorrow, tomorrow another grand final awaits. The Broncos against the Storms, in NRL this time. National Rugby League, another oval ball game with different rules. Don't ask me more. This week-end all sports-loving Sydneysiders (doesn't that mean ALL Sydneysiders?) sure will be spending a lot of time watching TV! I'm off to the beach.


John - Melbourne said...

Poor old Swannies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO MELBOURNE STORM ! How many Sydney teams in the rugby final today?!!!! lol

Nathalie said...

Oh John, laughing yesterday, crying today!!! How does it feel to join the losers' team?
Anyway, this is probably the one and only post I will do about sporting events. In that respect I'm afraid I don't blend in well in Australia.