Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Surf Machine

This is a hilarious game I saw at the beach on Sunday, it's called the Surf Machine. You try and hold on the surfboard as long as you can. The movements of the board are controlled by the guy on the left (see his hands on the white box?) . This little girl is just about to fall off after about 45 seconds, in roars of laughter. The game was free, so her whole family (mum, dad, big sister and little brother) had a go after her. None lasted more than a minute.
What do you think the record time can be? Can you guess?

Thanks to all who had a go at guessing. None of you were anywhere close: The record time was a whopping 1 hour, 10 minutes and 23 seconds and it was held by a girl named Chanelle.


Meg Nakagawa said...

Reminds me of the electric bucks of the 80's - Chantelle? 1 minute? Did you try?

Nathalie said...

The record was much much longer than that Meg. And no, I didn't try. On my own maybe I would have given it a go, but not under public scrutiny. Too self-conscious!

alice said...

Ca devrait s'appeler "machine infernale", un truc pareil, mais quelle idée rigolote!

Kate said...

How about 3 min. 30 sec? I probably couldn't even get up on the board!

Irredento Urbanita said...

Nathalie, I am really thankful for your words, you make me feel that what do is nice. I also get surprised by the way the camera caught the plants outside the train, It was going fast.

Greetings from a peruvian in Barcelona

edwin s said...

I say 2 minutes 53 seconds!

And thank you so much for your most wonderful comment for my picture today. I hope you come back to see tomorrow's shot. i haven't decided which one to post but it's more lights...;)

Nathalie said...

None of you is even close to the mark: It's much much more than ten minutes !!!!
Keep going up !

zannnie said...

fifteen minutes?


Thanks for that note on my post MOVIE BUFF about
Edith Piaf:D Really appreciate your addition and comments there:)

Great shot!

Thanks for popping by my DP :D

pnxrt said...

congratulation 4 your "daily snaps" is such a good idea.
Sadly my blog, by now, isn't translated to english, but i will do it.
get luck

John - Melbourne said...

I wanna go!!! They should have people dressed in shark costumes surrounding the area ready to pounce when you fall off!!

Keropok Man said...

looking at the girl jump, makes me wanna try it too. ** i hear someone shout grow up ** haha..

The longest record is 3 mins 3 seconds?

Kala said...

I would guess her time was a fifteen minutes and 30 seconds? It looks like a lot of fun!

Matthieu said...

On change de décor et on recommence avec plaisir : Kyle DP