Thursday, October 05, 2006

My butterfly collection

There's infinite pleasure in meandering light-heartedly through Sydney's streets looking up and around like an amateur butterfly collector. This building looks lovely with its pink ribbons, wouldn't it look good in my collection? I catch it with care, drop it in my box and walk on with a twinkle in my eye and a soft smile...
Photo: Clarence Street


selana18 said...

Nathalie I like your imagination!
Have a nice weekend and I hope to collect more butterflys.

Rauf said...

Happy looking building, feel like eating it like a cake.

Kala said...

you have a very lively imagination and a wonderful way of expressing those creative energies =)

Jus so you know, Tahiti took the top three places in our big canoe race here inthe hawaiian islands! The first place guys even broke the previous recordwith blazing speed. I was very happy to hear the result and wish I was able to take some photos but sadly, I did not =(

You are lucky to have spent time in Tahiti - its such a beautiful place!